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Genre Bender

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What will fill the op-ed pages of our newspapers a century from now? What opinions will your great-grandchildren have about the environment, technology, society?
A new series from The New York Times called “Op-Eds From the Future” merges the genres of sci-fi and opinion. In works of fiction, sci-fi authors predict what an op-ed might look like many years from now—what we’ll care about, and struggle with, and how that will materialize as opinions in the newspaper (or whatever we call the newspaper by then!).
What’s your best guess, dear writers? Come up with a list of five op-ed headlines you think we might see a century from now. If you’re really inspired, you might like to write a first paragraph for one of them.  

Check out these exemplar pieces from your WtW Peer Ambassadors to spark your imagination: "Fragments From The 22nd Century" by PalmLeaf, and "A Future for the World" by Lia Kares.