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Investigate Yourself

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Happy World Press Freedom Day, dear writers! Observed around the globe, the day is intended to honor and protect the freedom of the press.
This year’s theme, “Media for Democracy: Journalism and Elections in Times of Disinformation” addresses what has been colloquially dubbed “fake news”. Defined by the New York Times as “a made-up article with an intention to deceive, often geared toward getting clicks,” fake news is spreading through our communities, swaying the way people think about the world around them. Disinformation is also spreading by way of commentary or opinion pieces that are interpreted as news based in fact.
In honor of World Press Freedom Day, we challenge you, dear writers, to investigate yourself (and your sources of information) in three steps:
  1. Scrutinize: Where do you get your news? How do you learn about what’s going on in your community, country, or the world? Examples: Newspapers or magazines (what publications?), parents, social media (what platforms?), friends, teachers, television (what programs?), radio (what programs?).
  2. Dig Deeper: Do you know whether the information behind this news is accurate? How do you know? What are you unsure about?
  3. Take Action: In a short paragraph or two, reflect on what steps you can take (or have already taken) to make sure you are well-informed on local, national, and global issues. (That is… accurate information from reputable sources that can help you make informed decisions.)
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