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Living My Life Through Writing (United States of America)() published:

The Face

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

You are here 
Here to see a beautiful face rise above
Above a sky drenched in gray colors;
And painted with stars 

For if that face can rise above all
It will give you 
a new beautiful life

You stare;
You stare at the beautiful gray sky
and just then 

The face of brilliant reds and oranges
Uses it's happiness to light up the sky
To light up the sky; 
To light up the sky with beautiful colors

Reds for...

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10 months ago


Jaheim Lucas (United States of America)() published:

Tears of A Broken Heart

PROMPT: Poetry and Spoken Word Competition 2019

Tears Of A Broken Heart

I have given all my love to you, but what do I get in return?    
A broken heart.
I have given you my heart, and you stomp on it like a doormat.
I have given you everything and you took advantage of my inexperienced heart and played with my emotions.
I gave you all the trust, but you misused it.
I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and you proved everyone right.

10 months ago