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“There are other measures of self-respect for a man [or woman!],” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “than the number of clean shirts he [or she] puts on every day.”
This prompt is simple, dear writers. In list form, tell us what you consider your five most important sources of self-respect. Acting as a role model? Reading transcendentalist poetry? Writing (at least one sentence) every day? Helping your mum? Composting? 
As you reflect on the daily rituals or tasks that bring you a sense of worth, consider which of these are derived internally vs. externally. Some (like receiving a good grade) might be outside sources, while others (like writing in your journal or meditating) are not dependent on anyone or anything but yourself.  For some inspiration, check out the works of Write the World Peer Ambassadors Zodi Schwind; Huda Ayaz; Lindsay Tsai; Carlos Mendoza; Ashley Tan; and Mico Aldmar T. Mendoza. We were inspired by their self-worth wisdom!