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Phenomenal Woman

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Did you know that International Women’s Day is observed every March 8th around the world? In some countries—like Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, and Laos, to name a few—it’s a public holiday. In others, the day is observed with countrywide traditions: In Italy, men give bunches of golden mimosa (bright pom-pom flowers) to the special women in their lives.
While support for this day is growing (for the first time this year, March 9 will be celebrated as an official holiday in Berlin, Germany), the fight for women’s rights is ongoing. As recently as 2007, the holiday sparked violence in Tehran, Iran, when hundreds of people planning a rally for the holiday were beaten and arrested by police.
Dear writers, in honor of International Women’s Day, we want to hear about a “phenomenal woman” in your life. Describe what this person is like, what she’s known for, and what about her makes an impact on you—as clos and Angelina Nguyen do in these phenomenal tributes. What qualities—strength, intelligence, humor, empathy, etc.—make her a role model for all?