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A Pair of Poems

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The prose poem does not follow the usual layout we associate with poetry  (using line breaks) but instead, is set out like prose: using flow-on sentences and paragraphs. A prose poem brings elements of poetic and narrative writing together into one form.
For this prompt, dear poets, write two prose poems as a pair—1-2 paragraphs each in length. You can read an example of two prose poems complementing each other here, by the esteemed American nature poet Mary Oliver. And WtW's Angelina Nguyen puts her own prose poetry on the page with this memorable pair: "Heightened Conversations". 

As you write, consider:
  • What theme, character, or tone will connect your two poems?
  • How will your poems differ? How will the second build upon, or add to, the first?
Remember that your piece should contain three titles: 1 for the first poem, 1 for the second, and 1 for the two as a pair.