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Water Drop

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Where does your water come from? Does it travel through miles of pipeline to reach your faucet?  Collect in an underground aquifer? Trickle from a communal spring?
And after you’ve washed your hands, brushed your teeth, flushed your toilet, irrigated your crops, where does the excess water end up? Do you have an elaborate system to save “used” water? Does it spill into a river and eventually the sea? Enter a sewage treatment chamber? Seep into a leach field? 
Map out (in words!) the journey of your water—where it comes from and where it goes. You can take on the perspective of a single drop, as Ben Chipman does in "Molecule Memories", or capture the journey of water through an expansive lens, as Girasol shows us in "Heartbeats".

Finally, this prompt likely requires a little investigation. If you don’t know the origin and destination of your water, ask questions, consult experts (and parents), search online databases. Uncover—detective style—where this precious resource has been before and where it might end up.