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Other Worldly

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Have you ever witnessed something so surreal—so stunningly out of this world—that you felt like you were seeing the universe in a new form? 

Perhaps you've experienced a wild storm? Or an exceedingly rare phenomenon, like the Northern Lights in this photograph? Or a true mystery... a shape or color or sensation that science can't explain. 

Example: I remember returning home on our country road when I was 15 or 16. I was in the passenger seat, my mother driving, a dark winter night. Suddenly, the sky came alive with blue light, each tree on the hillside caught in long exposure, woven bare branches silhouetted. My mother swerved towards the shoulder as if to miss a deer. Our fingers tingled and we caught each other’s eyes. "What was that?" we both asked, letting the darkness settle before pulling back onto the road. A meteor, we later learned. A fire-encased rock hurtling through the sky, momentarily cloaking the world in day bright light.