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10 Second Essays

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The writer James Richardson has an entire book composed of what he calls 10 second essays, each essay only a sentence long. Richardson also refers to these super short essays as aphorisms, meaning they each contain a general truth, but are wrapped up in a very small package. We want to hear your 10 second essays! Read a few of our Richardson favorites below... and then put your own world truths down on paper.

And one more thing: Shoot for writing at least 3-5. Like songs in an album, aphorisms have a different impact when experienced as a series. 

And one last thing: As you can see in the examples below, sometimes an aphorism can end in a question mark. Which is interesting, eh? That a question can hold more truth than a statement...
10 Second Essays by James Richardson
  1. Say nothing as if it were news.
  2. Who breaks the thread, the one who pulls, the one who holds on?
  3. Despair says I cannot lift that weight. Happiness says, I do not have to.
  4. Patience is not very different from courage. It just takes longer.
  5. Even at the movies, we laugh together, we weep alone.
  6. I could explain, but then you would understand my explanation, not what I said.