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“Nothing endures but change,” The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus wrote 2,500 years ago.  
For this prompt, dear writers, explore this concept in haiku form. Traditionally, haikus focus on an aspect of the natural world, and often juxtapose two images or ideas. For example, in the following poem, the image of leaves and birds are compared: 

The last winter leaves 
Clinging to the black branches 
Explode into birds. 
Or like the water and ice in this beautiful haiku by WtW’s own Danielle:
A drop of water
Drips halfway to earth; freezes,
Now an icicle.

Write a haiku inspired by the changing environment (days or seasons or generations or epochs), following the classic structure:
First Line: 5 syllables
Second Line: 7 syllables
Third Line: 5 syllables

Fore more inspiration, check out these ephemeral beauties by Kristoff Misquitta and Eshita