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The World Anew

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In her stunning piece, Europa, WtW's M.B. writes about traveling from England to mainland Europe for the first time. Read the excerpt below, and then write about a time when you, too, saw the world anew:
Dawn had barely crested the horizon when we reached the water's edge. The sky was marble, swirling with the colours of stone and pearl, and the sunlight had yet to burn through the frost and mist that had stolen the land's breath from under our bleary-eyed watch.
Before us was that tunnel. Not dark and gaping like a mountain pass, but human. Jarringly rectangular, with amber lights blinking inside. Away it reached, under the floor of the sea itself, far away to the land we had waited our whole lives to see.

A fraction of an hour was all it took… I recall the mist slowly fading from the glass as it adjusted to artificial warmth, and the crackling in my ears as we surged beneath the ocean.  
And then we were there. In a new world.

As you craft your own descriptions of the world anew, see if you can incorporate the same level of sensory detail as M.B. does here—the color of the sky, the sound of tunnel, the temperature of the glass...

Need another example? Angelina Nguyen shows us how it's done with this description of Terrigal's coast.