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Mad Libs

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Are you working on a short story, novel, or memoir? Want to get to know your characters better? 

In the style of the popular fill-in-the-blank word game, complete the following "mad libs" for each of your characters, uncovering and articulating what it is that motivates them to live life the way they do:

[Character name] is a [x-year-old] [noun], who lives in [place]. Known for being [adjective] and [adjective], s/he wants nothing more than to [secret dream or life goal]. S/he pretends to be [adjective], when in fact, inside, s/he really feels [adjective]. [Character name]’s biggest fear is [     ]. What [character name] needs is [   ]; the biggest thing getting in the way is [   ].

Need an example? Eshita shows us how it's done with this original protagonist, while Violeta Nicola takes the opportunity to examine herself under the character microscope.