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Have you ever heard of a monostitch? This lovely term refers to the ancient tradition of the one-line poem.
Just because a poem is short, though, doesn’t mean it’s easy to write! As Michael McFee, who wrote a whole book of monostitches, says, "The challenge became to take all of the virtues that you usually develop over ten, or thirty, or five hundred, lines and squeeze it down to the smallest possible talk that still has the evocativeness and the memorability that good poems have."
Here are a few of our favourite monostitches:
More time is spent at the window.
-Joe Brainard
I teach what you need to know—signal, turn, accelerate, merge—so you can one day leave me.
- Sandra S. McRae
Insomnia, old tree, when will you shed me?
-William Matthews
And four more by our own casual.ties.

Your turn, dear writers. Try your hand a monostitch (or two or four!), “squeezing down” all your wonderful words into one line of poetry.