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“In January”

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Ted Kooser, the 13th Poet Laureate of the United States, once wrote a poem titled, simply, “In January”. The poem is not about the entire month, but captures a particular moment, the title serving to set the cold, winter scene:
In January
By Ted Kooser
Only one cell in the frozen hive of night
is lit, or so it seems to us:
this Vietnamese café, with its oily light,
its odors whose colorful shapes are like flowers.
Laughter and talking, the tick of chopsticks.
Beyond the glass, the wintry city
creaks like an ancient wooden bridge.
A great wind rushes under all of us.
The bigger the window, the more it trembles. 
Your turn, dear poets. Borrow Kooser’s title “In January”, and write about a particular moment from the past month in your part of the world, as Swasti does here.