• Spaces are running out for our Nonfiction Writing virtual camp, starting Monday!

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  • “Why clear the trees to clear the view? They are the view,” exclaims FoxLord76 (United States) in this week's Wednesday Words for July 13th. Read The Dance in the Garden here!
    about 1 month ago
  • Did you know? The first 100 people to submit a draft of their Fantasy Writing competition piece by July 11 will receive an in-depth review from one of our Expert Reviewers!

    Our Reviewers are authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals that are eager to help you revise your final entry and submit your best work! The “Submit for Expert Review” button will be clickable if slots are still available—make sure to click it to have your draft reviewed by our team.

    NOTE: You can still enter the competition if you haven’t received (or don’t want to receive) an Expert Review! Check it out here
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  • Hurry! Only TWO spots left in our virtual Sci/Fantasy camp starting next week! 

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  • Our Wednesday Words for this week is In the Wings of a Swan by young writer Camillaroo-350 (Australia) here.

    Listen to the song that inspired this beautiful lullaby on our Youtube channel.
    about 1 month ago