• CONGRATS to the winners of our Film/TV Series Review Competition! Discover Guest Judge Mat Kesting’s winning picks and commentary here. And many thanks to all who entered!
    26 days ago
  • This week's Writer Pick is "She'll Reach for the Stars" by Klue (Australia), nominated by thebookishfey (Canada) for its demonstration of how to "expand a simple phrase into a descriptive, evocative poem" as well as for "telling a well-rounded story with character development and the sense of setting in a short poem."

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    27 days ago
  • Our Wednesday Words pick for the week is zeventien by Eblinn (Belgium). She reads it here!
    28 days ago
  • Check out our special issue of Write the World Review, featuring work from writers in our Civics in Action program! Gen Z raises their voice to shine a light on the critical issues and injustices of our time, from climate change to racial inequality to the pandemic. Read it now.
    29 days ago
  • WtWTip! Let other writers get to know you through the prompts Dust Jacket and You, the Writer! Already answered them? Consider updating your response to show your journey as a writer!
    30 days ago