• CONGRATS to the winners of our Sports Writing Competition! Many thanks to all who entered for taking us beyond the scores to the powerful human stories beneath. Check out the winners and finalists, as well as Guest Judge Joon Lee’s commentary, here!
    1 day ago
  • Our Wednesday Words pick for the week is “trans-late” by typos, many of them (US)!

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    3 days ago
  • What song(s) or musician(s) most inspire your writing, and why? Tell us by responding to our May Writers' Q&A!
    4 days ago
  • As part of our April Writers' Q&A, typewriter06 asked the following: When you’re in the middle of writing a piece and get writer’s block, how do you get past it? We’ve rounded up a range of your responses, from the practical to the inventive to the philosophical, that are sure to help you break free the next time you're grappling with writer's block. Take a look!

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    9 days ago
  • This week's Writer Pick is A Starfish by A_Whisper_in_the_wind (South Africa), nominated by Itzelle (US) for its "new perspective. A starfish was a starfish, and it could lose a leg. After reading this poem, a starfish is a fallen star."

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    9 days ago