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Waltham High School English, Mrs. Black

 We will write, revise, edit, peer review and publish student work.

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CC Writers

Extending and refining creative writing practice for Clayfield College students.

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College app

College Prep IV - Personal Statement

This group will revise and finalize personal statements for college applications. Although general writing prompts for the Common Application will...

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Creative Writing Enrichment II

Creative Writing Enrichment 

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Writing pepe

Creative Writing Woodside

A place for Creative Writing magnet students to get together, write, and share their writing with each other.

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For my students to submit their work and be able to edit, review, and have fun with writing!

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English 9

Writing Lab course to improve the writing skills of my high school students.

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English I

For students to write about various topic and have opportunities to publish their work on an online platform and peer...

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Melting snow

Green Writers

Green Writers explore the intersection between humans and the environment. Through writing and discussion, we probe the complex questions facing...

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History: American History

The history of the United States is peppered with controversy. This group looks at some of the complicated junctures of...

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Language Arts Lab - Nelson

This group is designed to increase the writing skills of 9th and 10th graders at Wapahani High School in preparation...

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Literature: From Shakespeare to Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Literature by its very nature is as varied as all human beings. Take a look at this selection of prompts...

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Meile ELA

To provide an opportunity for 8th graders in our classroom to demonstrate an ability to write and create pieces of...

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Mr. M.'s English 9 Honors

To facilitate a variety of informal writing opportunities for students 

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Mrs Scales' Room Writing Group

A Writing Workshop space for WHS English 10 students.

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Mrs. Woodworth's Sophomores Period 2

Students will use this platform to express themselves in writing through a variety of prompts and genres.

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Mrs. Woodworth's Sophomores Period 6

Students will use this platform to express themselves in writing through a variety of prompts and genres.

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Mrs.Woodworth's Sophomores Period 7

Students will use this platform to express themselves in writing through a variety of prompts and genres.

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Mt St Michael's Writers Club

We are an RL and on-line writing community who really enjoy sharing words, world views and wonder.

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O'Keefe English 11

We will use this space to complete peer reviews for the research project.

It is important to be respectful yet...

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Image darwins finches legacy

Science: Biodiversity

How do we protect our earth? How does natural selection play a role? Do we want to control our food...

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Signs of Intelligent Life

We're a high school Humanities community of writers who are exploring world happenings and sharing our informed ideas and inquiries.

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SMTX Writers

A place for writers to share and read each other's work 

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St. Clair Writers: Class of 2016

The purpose of my group is to create an authentic audience for my student writers.

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St. Clair Writers: Class of 2018

To share and explore writing in a public forum.