Fantasy Writing Competition 2022 -- Preview

SHORT STORY — Reimagine the world.

As a fantasy writer, you have the extraordinary and exciting task of reimagining the world. Since the very first fairytale, the idea of mysterious worlds has captivated readers. Fantasy stirs our imaginations, inviting us to think outside the limits of the life we know. But this genre also involves “a heightening of reality,” as Ursula Le Guin calls it—a lens through which to understand our own world and lives. There is something about the unknown, the wildness, of these re-imagined realities that asks us to ponder the most fundamental questions about existence and human nature. This month, in a fantasy short story, take your readers on a journey into a re-imagined world.  

Competition Opens: Monday, July 4
Submit for Expert Review: Monday, July 11
Final Entries Due: Tuesday, July 19