Winners Announced

Fashion Journalism Competition 2015

Journalism — Fashion is in Fashion.

This competition is now closed but you are still welcome to read through the published writing and blog posts.  

From kilts to kaftans, boas to bow ties, hoop skirts to high tops—throughout time and across cultures, we express who we are by what we wear. This season, fashion is in fashion at Write the World, and we want you to write about it. Perhaps you’ll profile your favorite designer or photographer, delve into industry ethics, critique a style, explore a region, predict the next trend, or write about the way YOU like to dress.

It’s September, which means spotlights around the globe are focused on fashion. Whatever your particular angle of interest may be, we’re looking for two key qualities in your entry:
  1. Write With Your Eyes: Readers of fashion journalism want to see the story. Make sure to provide details that allow your audience to visualize the particular trend, scene, artifact, or style you are featuring. And if you’re writing about a phenomenon or idea? Let us see that, too. Paint a picture of what goes on behind the scenes at the fur factory; put us in the shoes of a runway model; let us see the pile of once-worn clothes in the bottom of your closet.
  2. Unpack Those Clothes: Robin Givhan bears the distinction of being the only fashion journalist to win a Pulitzer Prize. Her writing transforms “fashion criticism into cultural criticism," the judges explained. In other words, she’s able to tie the subject of fashion to something deeper, something weightier than just garments. The heritage of style, the expression of values, conformity and resistance… See if you, too, can push beyond fashion at face value. 
In 350-700 words, shine your own spotlight on the world of fashion.

Guiding Ideas
  • Focus your attention on one issue, event, or idea in the world of fashion.
  • Do some background research to see what’s already been written about your topic. Find a fresh angle!
  • Seek out opinions, gathering interesting quotes and perspectives. 
  • Write about what most interests you. Intrigue is contagious!   
350-700 words.
Guest Judge
Felicity Cooney
What’s Different about Write the World Competitions?
Prizes: The winning entrant will receive $100, and the runner-up and best peer-reviewer will receive $50.
Professional Recognition: The winning entry, plus the runner-up and best peer review, will be featured on our blog, with commentary from our guest judge.
Expert Review: Submit your draft by Monday, September 14th and get feedback from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and educational professionals.


Due Dates
  • Sep 14 - Drafts Due to Expert Reviewers

  • Sep 29 - Competition Deadline


​Q&A with Josie O’Grady, winner of our Fashion Journalism Competition

October 15, 2015

When young writer Josie O’Grady first came across our Fashion Journalism Competition, she was a bit apprehensive to dive in—frankly, she’s not that interested in fashion. But after reading an article about children working in tobacco fields, she had a lightbulb moment. Josie proceeded to research, and then write about, the condition of the millions of adolescent and underpaid workers who make the clothes we wear each day.

Josie’s piece, “The Bodies of Others are Connected to my Own,” shed light on the condition of garment factory workers with sophistication and empathy. In our interview with Josie, she elaborates on her decision to write about this issue and what changes she hopes to see in the fashion industry.  


Q&A with Jeremy Houle, winner of Best Peer Review in our Fashion Journalism Competition

October 8, 2015

When he’s not polishing his own work, you can often find Jeremy Houle offering carefully crafted peer reviews to fellow Write the World members. Jeremy recently put his review skills to good use when he offered an encouraging and constructive review of David Levitsky’s piece, Shoes to Die For earning him the prize for Best Peer Review in our Fashion Journalism Competition. In our interview with Jeremy, he shares what he enjoyed most about David’s piece and gives some insight into his own editing process.

Congrats, Jeremy!


​Fashion Journalism Winners Announced!

October 2, 2015

When we asked our Guest Judge—Australian Fashion Designer, Felicity Cooney—what she was looking for in a winning entry she said simply, ‘It’s got to have guts!’  Well, guts is what you gave her! From industry ethics to the benefits of wearing a bowtie, the entries in our Fashion Journalism Competition covered a range of important and compelling topics. Read on to find out which thought-provoking pieces nabbed the top prizes!


​Q&A with Designer Felicity Cooney

September 15, 2015

Meet Felicity Cooney—The Australian menswear designer turned shoe maker (and lucky for us) our Fashion Journalism Guest Judge! In between a big move from NYC to Australia to get her shoe business up and running, Felicity took some time to share advice on how to write a strong piece of Fashion Journalism. Read on for the fashionista’s tips on different topics to explore, where to do research, and and how to use constructive criticism to improve your work.