Monthly Competitions

Foreign correspondents bring the world to our doorstep. From the coast of Somalia to the war in Syria and the flooding Marshall Islands—we come to understand what’s happening around the globe through the important and courageous work of these journalists. This month, dear writers, immerse yourself in a newsworthy event outside the borders of your own country, and invite us there through your written reporting. 

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Competition how it works

Each month Write the World holds a new competition, developed around a particular idea or genre of writing, such as poetry, fantasy, sports journalism, or flash fiction. Competitions encourage you to dig deeper into the writing process, try out new genres and share your work with a sea of eager readers.

And because a first draft is never perfect, you have the chance to receive peer and expert feedback before submitting your final piece.

What’s Diferent About Write the World Competitions?

  • Free Entry and Cash Prizes: The winning entrant receives $100, and the runner-up and best peer-reviewer receive $50.

  • Professional Recognition: All three winners will be featured on our blog, with commentary from our guest judge.

  • Expert Review: Submit a draft in the first week and get feedback from our team of experts—authors, writing teachers, and education professionals.

Explore both our Upcoming and Past Competitions.