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BizzleWrites (Australia) published:

That's What They'll Tell You


Where the heart is they'll tell you 
But my heart is like a bird 
Wings of fire 
Flying higher 
Over the sky

Or at least 
That's what I'll tell you 
When you ask it 
To be locked away 

Home is where the heart is 
But mine isn't 
It's a thousand pieces scattered 
'Round everywhere I've ever been
Left to the tides 
Carrying us over the 
Blinding seas

It's where we used to be
Growing up like the trees  ...

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McCarthy.u (United Kingdom) published:

Drug addict


I'm a drug addict.

My addiction is so subtle that you won't be able to spot it when you look at me. 
My addiction has an effect on both my mind and body. 
My addiction tricked me into thinking I was fully recovered but my recent relapse would argue the opposite. 

My addiction makes me believe that lying to the people around me is normal and necessary.
My addiction makes me believe that I control it even though it controls...

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Siena (Australia) published:

I Become a Street Sign


Riley did not want to get up. It was just any other school day, but school in itself was a draining thought. Ugh. Last night’s conversation replayed in Riley’s head. No matter how many times she protested, she may as well have been talking to a brick wall. Riley’s Mum was set on taking her shopping. Not any other day, it had to be today. The day the sequel of her favourite novel was being released. 

Apart from the fact...

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ElvishWriter (United States) reviewed:

My Mustang: Wild and Untamed


Keep it up! You're doing amazing and I hope to see more and more from you!

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