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Huma Fatima (Pakistan) published:

If Life Was A Story

PROMPT: Flash Fiction Competition 2020

Sometimes, life rewarded you with moments that were surreal enough to be mistaken for a dream. This was one such moment, for when I pulled the baby out of the cot and gently kissed him, I was overwhelmed with bliss. But because this is not a dream sadness will outrun happiness.
“Sir the baby doesn’t have much time left.”
The doctor had warned me earlier and now that I look at his closed eyes, I regret being late.
If life...

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Funk_Head (United States) published:

The Lizard and the Plump Bird | PLEASE REVIEW


With the coming of day the moon left its abode of the sky, taking its dark star-covered blanket of night along with it. The sun took its place and started its daily routine of glaring at the coarse sand and scorching all living things that dared reside in the desert.  And along the miles and miles of sand and dunes made of its grains was a Lizard slumbering beside a plump albeit spiky cactus.
To say this Lizard was...

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Bhavya's Treasure (India) published:

Writing Streak Week 5 Day 2


Succulent tentacles swollen profusely with soothing jelly, thorny soldiers guarding patiently, recruited at the periphery. 

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Bhavya's Treasure (India) published:

My Prompt: Bundle Of Confessions

PROMPT: Synapses

Title:      Bundle Of Confessions!
Tagline:  Let's learn to say 'SORRY!' 
Genre:    Personal Reflection

Mistakes bring with themselves an opportunity to learn and become better. After all, people learn the biggest lessons of life through their biggest mistakes. Do you remember a mistake you made as a child, or months back, yesterday or maybe this morning?

Have your words ever pierced somebody's heart like a dagger unintentionally or otherwise? Has your action robbed somebody of their smile? Did...
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Ambie150 (United Kingdom) published:

The Dancers


I'm floating out to sea now
So don't light my way home. 
Don't stay up too late, 
Don't weep my tears
Over my blank, shattered picture. 
I'll find my own way back, 
Once I've learnt to dance. 

Before, I was a dreamer. 
And then I was a griever.
Then I lost all faith
And now I am a drifter, 
Drifting off into this sea of dancers. 
I hope to be like them one day,
The day I find dry land. 

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