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College Essay Program

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How it Works

Imagine a final draft of your college essay in hand...

Work one-on-one with a Write the World College Essay Advisor and write your way into a great school. We’ll tell you what admissions officers are looking for, and then give you the tools to tell your story, to showcase—through your writing—the authentic you. The college essay can feel intimidating, but it’s actually the best part of the application process: you get to tell a story about your life, in your voice, that feels true and significant to you.

What do I get from this program?

  • Personalized one-on-one instruction and coaching with your Advisor via multiple video conferences
  • Expert written feedback on your drafts and your complete essay
  • Practice with a writing process that can help improve any future writing endeavor, in college and beyond
  • Access to a suite of writing resources designed to help you write your best college essay

The expert review [feedback] was very helpful because it made me realize that I was going off topic and that I wasn't fully answering the prompt or showing insights on how the experience actually affected me.”

~ Gretter, high school junior

The program is comprised of a series of writing prompts; from simple lists that you can complete in 10 minutes to more developed scenes and deeper reflection. Together these steps lead to a final draft that you will complete in 2-3 weeks, requiring approximately 4-5 hours of your time per week.

Here’s how it works.

Step One: Matching and Planning. After signing up, we will match you with your College Essay Advisor, who will introduce you to the Write the World platform, give you an overview of the course, and set up a schedule that works for you. Your Advisor offers guidance through every part of the writing process—from early brainstorming to final polishing. Your Advisor will tailor the course to fit where you are in the application process and which essay question (Common App or other) most interests you.

Step Two: Warming Up. Guided by a series of short prompts and resources, you’ll prepare your writing muscles and brainstorm possible topics.

Step Three: Digging In. After you’ve decided on a topic, our prompts and personal feedback will help you tell your story, deepen your inquiry, and discover what’s at the heart of your narrative.

Step Four: Piecing It Together. With scenes, descriptions, and reflections in hand, it’s time to fit the pieces of the puzzle into a cohesive draft. Your Advisor will offer tips and examples to support you through this crucial step.

Step Five: Finalizing Your Draft. Armed with a suite of revision exercises and recommendations from your Advisor, you’ll revise and polish your final draft. Scheduling additional time with your advisor is always an option at this stage. Please contact us at for more information on pricing for any supplemental or specialized services.

The Write the World Approach

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Following the core principles of Write the World, our College Essay Curriculum places you at the center of the writing process, valuing the wisdom and self-knowledge that you bring to the page. The progression of prompts and exercises is not a Band-Aid editorial service, but an invitation to participate in a rigorous and fun process that helps you discover how you think and write. The foundation of this student-centered approach is a rich curriculum based on best practices in writing instruction. Developed by teachers and educators from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Write the World’s method not only facilitates the writing of college essays, but also offers writing tools that will serve you throughout your college career and beyond.


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How do I meet my Advisor?

All meetings will take place over Skype. You will video conference with your Advisor at least five times throughout the program. During these meetings, you will check in about the writing process, discuss strategies and resources, preview upcoming prompts, and address any questions.

Where do I write my essay?

You will complete all writing for prompts, exercises, and full drafts online using the Write the World platform. You can also use the Write the World platform to maintain a portfolio of all your work, drafts included. All your writing is easy to print or copy to other programs, including MS Word and Google Docs.

How do I receive feedback from my Advisor?

In addition to the feedback you discuss with your Advisor on video conferences, you will receive written feedback (called reviews) on every prompt and draft you complete. These reviews are easily accessible on the platform.

How long will the program take?

We’ll customize a schedule based on your calendar, but most students should complete the program in 2-3 weeks. Between responding to prompts, writing and revising your essay draft, and video conferencing with your Advisor, you can expect to spend 4-5 hours per week over a 2-3 week period completing this program.

The course really helped me wrap my mind around the fact that college essays are a lot different than what high school typically calls for (i.e., the five-paragraph essay). It gave me a better idea as to what admissions officers are looking for.”

~ Emilia, Willamette University ‘20

What if I’m required to write multiple essays?

Our program can help you complete more than one essay. First, we will work closely with you to respond to the college essay prompt of your choice. Next, if you would like help with additional essay prompts, we can schedule you and your Advisor to continue working together after the completion of the program. Please contact us at for more information on pricing for this supplemental service.

What if my essay draft doesn’t feel ready to submit to colleges at the end of the program?

The program is designed to support you in completing your final essay within the 2-3 week time period. However, you may schedule additional time with your Advisor if your draft doesn’t feel ready. If, for any reason, you would like to schedule supplementary hours with your Advisor, please contact us for more information and pricing.

What should I do if I have technical issues or other questions about the course?

You can reach out to your Advisor over email, or contact the Write the World team at any time by emailing

Meet Our Advisors

As educators and writing experts, our highly qualified College Essay Advisors complete rigorous and ongoing professional training to enable them to give superior coaching and writing instruction in a personalized manner that best suits each individual student. Write the World Advisors are experienced, professional, and dedicated to guiding students to complete an original, compelling, and polished college admissions essay.

Madelaine Eulich

Madelaine Eulich first considered herself a writer in the Fourth Grade when she began writing stories about an adventurous teacher’s pet named ‘Smar T. Pants.’ Since then, Madelaine has had many of her own adventures, from mentoring teens on summer abroad and gap year programs, to teaching high school English in France, to advising college students at a small college in Maine. Madelaine is a 2008 graduate of Northwestern University and recently earned her Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (Human Development and Psychology). She is excited to spend this summer supporting budding writers in crafting strong and lively personal essays for college admissions.

Nived Ravikumar

Nived Ravikumar has helped applicants craft exceptional admissions essays for six years. Hailing from Southern California, Nived’s love for movies led him to major in Film Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. His short film “Snippets” was showcased at international festivals and he also won the screenplay competition, First Look Project, in 2012. With his background in film and storytelling, Nived enjoys helping applicants discover their “inner-protagonist”. In 2016, Nived expects to graduate from Harvard University Extension School (A.L.M. in Management), where he also completed coursework at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Rob Williamson

Rob Williamson works as a High School Counselor in a Boston suburb. Both in his current role and his previous career as an Assistant Director of Admissions at Brown University, he has helped students across the country to craft college essays and work through the college application process. Rob holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University in International Relations and a master's degree from Boston University in School Counseling. When he's not working with high school students, he plays in a flag football league and is on a mission to visit all fifty states—forty-three down and seven to go.