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Featured Writer: Maria Diment

May 26, 2016

Canadian writer Maria Diment has an affinity for dragons. When she’s not playing games involving dragons or reading dragon-themed books, she’s writing stories about them. In our Q&A with Maria (known on the site as mythicalworlds), she explains why she is drawn to creating her own fantastical worlds for these fire-breathing creatures. Maria also shares some little known knowledge about her North American home country. You’ll never guess what their national sport is (hint: it’s not hockey!)

Your pieces on the site tend to gravitate toward sci-fi and fantasy writing. What do you love about creating your own worlds?
The creation of different, and sometimes wacky, worlds brings me so much joy because I, myself, live in the solitude of my own imagined world. I often keep to myself which provides me with the time and spark to create. Whenever I create a character or world, it’s as if I expand and share a part of myself.

If you could be a character in in any fantasy or sci-fi novel which one would it be and why?
I had a tough time deciding on an answer to this question as I adore so many books in my collection. I would have to choose "Scorched" by Mari Mancusi. The story involves an upcoming dragon apocalypse and a bit of time travel. I like the main character not only because of the role she plays but the fact that her personality is a reflection of her broken past.

Tell us something about Canada, your home country, that a non-Canadian might not know?
Our national sport is lacrosse, and not hockey. Lacrosse originated in North America and was first played by the Aboriginals. Many Canadians, in fact, have never played hockey nor do they enjoy the sport.

When and where do you get your best writing done?
My writing is very spontaneous; whether or not my pencil will touch the paper oftentimes depends on whether I’m feeling inspired. I never plan out a schedule for my leisure writing; I find that it interferes with the quality of the outcome.

In your response to the "The Things they Carried" prompt, you share what a dragon trainer carried in his/her saddlebag. Does this dragon trainer you speak of exist in a larger work?
Yes, the dragon trainer exists in a larger work, but I stopped working on it a long time ago—I may come back to it after finishing my current project/work. The character, Alice Smith, is a teenage girl who existed as part of a personal reflection I created a year ago. Alice was an orphan taken into a Dragon Training Academy at a young age. Her character is destined to become the first Dragon Trainer to rebel against the Academy's rules. My response to the "The Things They Carried" prompt was a look into her future as a runaway in hiding.

What are some of your long term goals as a writer?
I have high hopes as a writer. I wish to embark on a career as either a writer or as part of a publishing company.


About Maria
I’m a Coquitlam (a city in Canada) inhabitant and writing is my superpower. With writing, I can create anything and anyone I want. I've always loved literature. As a kid I would constantly read. Later on, in elementary school, I discovered that I liked writing short stories, poems and using descriptive words. Now, I’m an aspiring writer with dreams of making my words known and having my stories serve as an inspiration to other writers. One thing I don't often describe to people is my "love" of dragons—mostly because it is the most complex topic ever. My world practically revolves around dragons. I've watched each movie and episode of How To Train Your Dragon multiple times. I play the How To Train Your Dragon based games (School of Dragons and Rise of Berk), I have a collection of dragon related books, I have several dragon statues, and a self-made paper mâché dragon egg. Besides dragons, I'm a fan of the television show Teen Wolf and am a proud member of the Teen Wolf fandom.


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