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January 07, 2018

Please note that this is our archived blog. 

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Q&A with Peer Review Winner Hanan Adi

August 11, 2016

Earlier this year, Hanan Adi, from the United Arab Emirates, came on board as a Write the World Peer Review Ambassador. Since then, she’s offered dozens of writers thoughtful feedback on their work. For our Letter Writing Competition, Hanan put her skills to good use and shared what Jaclyn Moriarty referred to as “simple but perspicacious suggestions for improvement” on Veronica Darnell’s piece The Correspondence Between Two Christmas Decorations. In our interview with Hanan, she reflects on her process for reviewing Veronica’s piece and offers editing tips to our wider Write the World community.

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Q&A with Flash Fiction Guest Judge Lucy Keating

August 06, 2016

Writing a story in only 99 words is trickier than you might think! Guest Judge Lucy Keating, author of the YA novel Dreamology, joins us this month to offer her tips and tricks for writing a piece of super short fiction. Read on for her thoughts on efficiency, establishing story and plot (and knowing the difference between the two!) as well as being a kind editor.

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Q&A with Adeline Loh, Winner of Best Peer Review in our Playwriting Competition

August 01, 2016

In her peer review of smanus’s piece, When Homes Aren’t Safe in the United States, Adeline Loh offered feedback that was both encouraging and constructive. In acknowledgement of her editing expertise, Guest Judge Josh Wilder awarded Adeline with the prize of Best Peer Review! We recently caught up with the Singaporean theatre enthusiast and learned more about her editing style, favorite authors and playwrights from her hometown.

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Letter Writing Winners Announced!

July 29, 2016

Our July competition celebrated the epistolary form of writing. Members of the Write the World community wrote letters to their future selves, letters to friends and family since passed, and one writer even penned a piece of correspondence between a pair of christmas ornaments! After much deliberation over the shortlist, Guest Judge Jaclyn Moriarty has announced her picks for the top entries! Read on for warm remarks on the winning pieces.

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#WtWShelfie Book Giveaway!

July 26, 2016

What does your bookshelf say about you? Is it meticulously organized by color or does it mimic a library in its Dewey Decimal glory? Take a photo of your bookshelf, post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag it #‎WtWShelfie for the chance to win your choice of the following books...

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Featured Writer: Max Berry

July 22, 2016

Ohio (US) native Max Berry has spent most of his life engrossed in the arts. His passion for performance led him to the stage as both an actor and a ballet dancer, and winning a statewide writing competition in the seventh grade ignited his love of the written word. As this week’s Featured Writer, and resident aesthete, Max shares how each of his artistic pursuits interconnect and drive him to keep creating.

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From My Desk To Yours with Michael Lydon

July 22, 2016

Wow! The Inventory prompt is certainly touching responsive nerves among you lively and imaginative Write-the-Worlders. First I scrolled down through your submissions, wondering if I’d ever get to the end, then I stopped and lingered here and there, enjoying everything I read. Not only are you coming up with the inventory items that are amusing in themselves, you also are creating telling portraits of the (often wacky!) characters who compiled them.

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Q&A with Guest Judge Jaclyn Moriarty

July 13, 2016

Jaclyn Moriarty wrote her very first YA novel Feeling Sorry for Celia while working on her PhD in Law at the University of Cambridge–how’s that for multitasking!? Since then, she’s gone on to continue her popular Ashbury-Brookfield stories which are told entirely through letters, emails and other pieces of written correspondence. In this month’s Guest Judge Q&A, Jaclyn tells us how a long distance friendship inspired the Ashbury series and shares valuable tips on how to nail the epistolary genre in this month’s Letter Writing Competition.

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Featured Writer: Tricia Wee

July 08, 2016

From Brazil to Singapore, song-bird Tricia Wee has collected memories from all over the world. These experiences have had a profound effect on her creative passions: music and writing. Tricia hopes that her globally inspired work will help her make meaningful connections with other young writers. In our interview with Tricia, she describes her songwriting process, tells us about her favorite places to visit, and shares some little known tips on how to best explore the city she calls home—Hong Kong.

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Playwriting Winners Announced!

July 01, 2016

Our June Playwriting Competition elicited a wide array of fantastic, sometimes funny, and oftentimes moving, pieces of art. With such a selection of quality writing, we we called on playwright Josh Wilder for the tricky task of picking the winners. Like so many of you, Josh has been putting pen to paper since early adolescence and if he has one piece of advice to share, it would be to KEEP WRITING. Read on to find out why Josh refers to the winning piece as “hauntingly beautiful” and which peer review was the perfect balance of critical and empowering.

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Featured Writer: Danielle Salt

June 24, 2016

Self-proclaimed “Third Culture Kid” Danielle Salt doesn’t call one particular place home. And aside from the occasional “identity-crisis”, she wouldn’t change a thing! As a current resident of Malaysia, Danielle enjoys soaking up the country’s wide array of cultural influences from places like India and China. In our interview with this week’s Featured Writer and globetrotter, Danielle shares what inspired her to write her piece “The Portrait” and offers tips on which books make the best travel buddies.

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From My Desk To Yours with Michael Lydon

June 23, 2016

Hurray! Write the World’s latest prompt, “Mysteries Abound,” I’m delighted to say, is generating the most enthusiastic responses I’ve seen in a year of reading contributions to the site. Why? Because life always has and always will abound in mysteries, and as writers who hope to get some small chunk of truth into our scribbles, we must admit our common bafflement before abounding mystery, not only as a first step, but also as a principle that will be guiding us as long as we can work letters into words and words into sentences.


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Featured Writer: Grace Ow

June 17, 2016

Singaporean native Grace Ow recently embarked on a new adventure—she moved to Hong Kong! While there have been many adjustments and reminders of home, one thing has remained constant–Grace’s desire to continually push herself to become a better writer. Grace draws writing inspiration from an eclectic mix of sources—from musical theater productions to the lyrics of pop artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. In our interview with Grace, she tells us all about her love of writing, song lyrics, and shares tips on how to combat writer’s block.

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Q&A with Profile Feature Winner Keely Galvin

June 09, 2016

Australian writer Keely Galvin impressed Guest Judge Robert Cocuzzo with a keenly observed profile of her sister—an anxious, yet determined, competitive swimmer. In Robert’s enthusiastic commentary on Keely’s piece, ‘Where Confidence is Found,’ he applauded her ability to “characteriz[e] Haley through subtle, but vivid descriptions.” In our interview with Keely, she elaborates on her process for gathering info on her sister and transforming it into an engaging and empathetic look into the mind of an athlete.

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Q&A with Playwriting Guest Judge Josh Wilder

June 08, 2016

Josh Wilder never intended to be a playwright. Since immersing himself in theatre arts at the young age of ten, Josh believed his true passion was for acting. Then, following college, he had a lightbulb moment—Josh received an artist grant and fellowship which helped him fully realize his desire to focus on playwriting. Since then, he’s worked in the industry non-stop submitting plays to prestigious theatre festivals and pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree from Yale School of Drama.

This month, Josh has the tough job of reading over what is sure to be a fantastic crop of entries in our Playwriting Competition. In the meantime, he’s offered some wonderful advice on how to tackle the challenge of writing a one-act play.

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Playwriting Competition NOW OPEN

June 07, 2016

We're thrilled to announce that our Playwriting Competition is NOW OPEN!
The one act play delivers a powerful punch, compressing the wonderful world of drama into a single scene (or series of scenes). Like the short story, a one act play requires the writer to make every word count, every gesture, intonation, and stage direction. Step onto the Write the World stage this month with your own act, and capture your eager readers’ attention with a concentrated flash of drama, the elixir of character and plot plain to see.

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Featured Writer: Mary Lusebrink

June 03, 2016

Mary Lusebrink isn’t sure if she wants to become a journalist or a novelist when she grows up. What she does know, however, is that she loves writing and she never plans on stopping! In our interview with the budding author, she shares sage advice on the importance of rewriting and embracing the ‘half-filled notebook.’ Mary also tells us a bit about her home state of Michigan where she’s an avid water-skier and consumer of ‘Mackinac fudge.’

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From My Desk To Yours with Michael Lydon

June 02, 2016

Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May...

On America’s east coast this spring rough winds certainly have shaken May’s darling buds: our thermometer has barely touched 60 degrees and gray clouds have blocked bright sun beams for days. Well, soon enough I’ll be complaining about July’s heat waves, so time to stop moaning and get down to writing.

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Profile Feature Writing Winners Announced!

May 27, 2016

When we asked Guest Judge Robert Cocuzzo what he was looking for in a strong Profile Feature piece, he simply stated, “an authentic voice.” The pieces we received were not only authentic but oftentimes funny, perceptive and well written. Read on to find out which writers earned the top prizes in our Profile Feature Writing Competition.

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Featured Writer: Maria Diment

May 26, 2016

Canadian writer Maria Diment has an affinity for dragons. When she’s not playing games involving dragons or reading dragon-themed books, she’s writing stories about them. In our Q&A with Maria (known on the site as mythicalworlds), she explains why she is drawn to creating her own fantastical worlds for these fire-breathing creatures. Maria also shares some little known knowledge about her North American home country. You’ll never guess what their national sport is (hint: it’s not hockey!)

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Catching up with Historical Fiction Winner Portia May

May 25, 2016

Last month, young writer Portia May wowed Guest Judge Gabrielle Wang with her Historical Fiction entry, “Elephant’s Breath” Her moving piece on the arrival of a slave ship was described by Wang as “a story that lingers.” This week, we caught up with Portia to find out more about her writing process and what she hopes readers will take away from her winning entry.

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Featured Writer: Wyatt Jones

May 19, 2016

This week’s Featured Writer, Wyatt Jones, is a Minnesota (U.S.) native with a palpable zest for life. In his spare time, Wyatt can be found zipping around on his jet ski with friends, competing in his school’s speech team, lighting up the stage as an actor, engaging in the study of philosophy, and of course, writing. In our interview with Wyatt, he shares what he loves about the craft of writing and some of his long term goals as a wordsmith.

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Featured Writer: Emma Sue Sims

May 13, 2016

This week, were pleased to feature aspiring author and journalist Emma Sue Sims. Emma Sue, a university student with a passion for storytelling (and coffee!) shares some wonderful advice about stepping into adulthood with confidence, taking revisions in stride, and how to travel by car like a pro.

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Q&A with Profile Feature Writing Guest Judge Robert Cocuzzo

May 05, 2016

Writing a profile feature article is all about digging deep and revealing the true essence of your subject. In short, you get to play detective. Penning this type of piece is no small feat so we enlisted the help of writer Robert Cocuzzo who’s written countless profiles on everyone from acclaimed director Ron Howard to legendary adventure skier Doug Coombs (the subject of his forthcoming book, Tracking the Wild Coomba). Read on for Robert’s tips on how to prepare for an interview, what he’s looking for in a strong entry, and his list of must-read profile articles.

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  • Our Wednesday Words pick for the week is “What Is a Poem?” by G. N. Solomon (US)!

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