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Thanks to those of you who wrote a magazine article for our World Cup Fever Competition. We had a hard time choosing a winner this week and have announced a tie, with equal first place going to Francess Kamara and Sasha Lotnikee. Congratulations also must go to Sasha for her fantastic peer review. Congratulations Francess and Sasha!

5 days ago

Well done to Arryn and Sarah our featured writers for this week, and to Sasha, our featured peer reviewer. Head over to our blog to see what our expert reviewer, author Kim Kane had to say about their One Sentence Stories

5 days ago

We loved reading your thoughtful responses to Living Inside a Song Congratulations to everyone who participated. Well done to our featured writer, Belle, for her entry The Barn Dance and to our featured peer reviewer, Sasha, for her great review of Belle's piece. Head over to our blog to see more on the featured writers!

15 days ago

World Cup Fever is Here Write a Magazine Article about any aspect of this year's World Cup in Brazil. Not an avid sports fan? Don't Worry - there are many interesting perspectives to write from. Find out how you can receive FREE expert review of your drafts and win cash prizes. Final entries due Grand Final Night July 13.

27 days ago

Check out the latest Kick-Starter Challenge! You have until Tues July 1, 5pm EST to write, share and offer feedback.

about 1 month ago

Shared Writing


Mallorie published:


"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay, oh I believe, in yesterday." Some of us are familiar with this p...

Made public 1 day ago

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Stephanny published:


I believe that love is the main reason why people can build families, friendships and all kinds of relationships. The word love and its meaning can be seen in so...

Made public 2 days ago

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Sasha K. Lotnikee published:

Summer Workout

"Summer is the time to exercise your brain even more, rather than stop using it." I've heard this phrase said over and over again in my household, many summers...

Made public 5 days ago

2 favorites


Aishah published:

Mum knows best

All parents obviously think they know what is best for their child hence why they use the phrase 'parents know best'. Well i can tell you now i used to hear tha...

Made public 9 days ago

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Annabella Twomey published:

Wedding Day

As I reflect on the day we spent together, I see bright colors piercing my eyes, because we had succumbed to the sun; yet now, as I squeeze my father's arm as he...

Made public 10 days ago

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Mallorie published:

Restless Stillborn

I swept my hand across the engraved stone of my only son, and felt his soothing, comforting touch grasp it, reminding me of the first and only time his palm rest...

Made public 10 days ago

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Francess Kamara published:

Bite Sized Nightmare (Final Version)

Bite sized Nightmare The stage was set in Brazil, land of wonder and awe. Sambas were danced in celebration of the choosing of the venue and drums were beat to ...

Made public 10 days ago

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Kristina Marjanac published:

Innocent - By Kristina Marjanac

Once there was me, then there was you, now this is love, what can we do, for it be so innocent and so true.

Made public 11 days ago

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Ellie Woods published:

A Word from the Past

The letter sat there stubbornly, his handwriting tattooed so elegantly across the page with extravagant spirals and twists at the end of each character and yet t...

Made public 12 days ago

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Sasha K. Lotnikee published:

The World's Game Strikes Again: The Dark Side

"Soccer is a pleasure that hurts." quotes Eduardo Galeano*, a distinguished Latin America sports writer. What does this mean? Think about all the soccer supersta...

Made public 13 days ago

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